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Opinion: Jordan Brand acknowledges future with Eclipse

The new Jordan Roshe R-, uhm, Jordan Eclipse is after the Jordan Future in being another lifestyle casual shoe who is supposed to be worn off-court. It seems like Jordan Brand understood that heavy leather shoes are called “Retro” because they are the past, and the future (!) belongs to lightweight kicks with breathability. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate a retro mid or hi-top sneaker, but maybe not too much during summer time. Our feet want to be free and hang out in flip flops or the more stylish alternative shoes; shoes that are comfortable, and the Jordan Eclipse seems like being exactly that.

The colorways previewed are a black and a black/blue colorway. The sole is white. You are playing safe, Jordan Brand, I see that. The sole, yes right, the sole. I have a problem with the sole. Why does it go all around the toe box? It slightly irritates me, but so do people who make noises with the dishes while eating and DJ Mustard beats. I’m different.

So, I’m excited to see the Jordan Eclipse in person and welcome Jordan Brand to the year 2015.

ILL_5490_39453 ILL_5087_39450 ILL_5363_39451 ILL_5289_39454 724010-_402_A4_Pair_square_600 724010-_402_A4_Pair_TopDown_square_600 724010-_402_A5_Pair_heels_square_600

Photos courtesy of Nike

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