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Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015, Hyperchase front ‘Net Collectors Society’

The Nike Basketball Net Collectors Society Collection consists of two basketball performance shoes — the Nike Hyperchase and Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015. The Hyperchase looks like a decent guard or wing shoe, but the Zoom HyperRev 2015 is my love this year. It make my little orange basketball heart beat faster. It’s the perfect shoe for a bigger wing or guard who still moves a lot, but needs that little more stability around the ankle. Both shoes come with a heel support made off of TPU (thermoplastic urethane, that is). The colors are bold and are supposed to remind the schools’ colors and their fans who paint their bodies to show their enthusiasm and t0 support their team (with was timed perfectly with March Madness, as several members of the NCAA champion Duke Blue Devils wore the Zoom HyperRev 2015 in this NCS set). The pattern reminds me a lot of a Munch painting — you know the dude who drew “The Scream” and used bold colors kind of blended together.

Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERREV_DET_02_39426 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERREV_DET_03_39428 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERREV_HEL_39423 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERREV_OUT_39433 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERREV_TOP_39432 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERREV_DET_01_39424

Of course not everybody is into the many colors on one stop, which is why I prefer the HyperRev. The pattern is only used on the heel part of the shoe, while the front of it is black and silver with an interesting detail. The Hyperchase, on the other hand, comes with an all-over print, a silver swoosh and a black tongue.

Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERCHASE_TOP_39422 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERCHASE_DET_01_39416 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERCHASE_DET_02_39415 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERCHASE_DET_03_39414 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERCHASE_HEL_39413 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERCHASE_ISO_39420 Nike_Net_Collectors_Society_HYPERCHASE_OUT_39421

Photos courtesy of Nike

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