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Opinion: Nike Air Rift a confused design of goats, cleavage

Nike says that the Air Rift was inspired by the efficient running style of Kenyan long distance runners. I think they lie. I think, no I am sure that these were inspired by goats. Yes, the animal, goat. Maybe they were inspired by antelopes, which are still goats living in the Sahara. Call me ignorant, but I really don’t understand why it’s easier for somebody to run if he or she has a toe split from the other toes. Maybe it is, I’m confused.

The thing that makes me stay skeptical about it is that Nike didn’t really stick to it. All the new running shoes say that they give a barefoot running feeling without separating toes. And why does the shoe have to have a shoe décolleté? Does that mean anything too? There are people that get creeped out by feet. Ever thought of them? I guess not! But yeah, if you want something that finally gives you and your favorite goat the chance to take #His&Hers pics for the ‘Gram, you got it.

308662_025_F_40450 308662_025_B_40411 308662_025_C_40410 308662_025_D_40413 308662_025_E_40412 Su15_NSW_Air_Rift_W_Ftwr_Detail_04_40300 Su15_NSW_Rift_01a_40373 Su15_NSW_Rift_02_40371 SU15_NSW_Rift_315766_110_A_39769 SU15_NSW_Rift_315766_110_B_39770 SU15_NSW_Rift_315766_110_C_39771 SU15_NSW_Rift_315766_110_D_39773 SU15_NSW_Rift_315766_110_E_39774 SU15_NSW_Rift_315766_110_F_39775 Su15_NSW_Air_Rift_W_Ftwr_Detail_02_40298 Su15_NSW_Air_Rift_W_Ftwr_Detail_03_40299 Facebook_454441_300_A_39903 Facebook_454441_300_B_39902 Facebook_454441_300_C_39904 Facebook_454441_300_D_39907 Facebook_454441_300_E_39905 Facebook_454441_300_F_39906 Facebook_315766_481_A_39908 Facebook_315766_481_B_39910 Facebook_315766_481_C_39909 Facebook_315766_481_D_39911 Facebook_315766_481_E_39912 Facebook_315766_481_F_39913

Photos courtesy of Nike

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