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With the FILA Stack 2, dopeness is variably sized

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Originally the FILA Stackhouse 2, the official FILA Stack 2 is a shoe that could look either dope or awful depending on your foot size. If your feet are around size 6, they will look like a chunk of stone and if you have around size 13, they will look like a rock. The silhouette is so unsharply designed and rounded on the edges, that it will only look good around sample size, which a men’s 9 — so, the design excels between sizes 8-10. Otherwise, the proportions of the toebox and the ankle part won’t be in sync, and the shoe’s design won’t work.

I like the colorway. The dark grey suede looks very dope and the side detail gives dimension to the quite-plain shoe. What I really don’t like is the color chosen on the sole. I guess it’s supposed to be a clear outer sole, which looks yellow already. The midsole is grey too, which i wished they would have used a contrast color to give the shoe more detail instead of making the sole blend into the upper’s color.

1VB90116_051_m2_e 1VB90116_051_m1_e

Photos courtesy of FILA

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