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More Ice Cream: Saucony Originals G9 Shadow 5 Strawberry & Vanilla


The second pair of the Saucony Originals G9 Scoops Pack is dropping soon, and this pair — the Saucony Originals G9 Shadow 5 Strawberry & Vanilla — looks like strawberry ice cream, which is much appreciated by me (ice cream, I mean). The colorway is actually nice too, but less of my taste, than the first pair. The base is light pink, or better pastel pink. The details are of a stronger red and the heel part is in a light beige.

The concept behind the pack is clearly the pairing of a light color with a dark one and the result should look like ice cream. (The subliminal message is working with me and I suddenly feel the urge to get some gelato, but let me finish this first.) The pink used is so subtle and made to look unfeminine through the color combination, that the shoe can be pulled off by men easily. (In case you are a man who wears pink on the regular, just ignore the last sentence.) The whole pack screams summer, without looking corny or having a beaches and waves print on it. It’s just, overall, a well done design that represents the summer, but doesn’t have to be thrown in the closet as soon as summer is over.


Photos courtesy of Saucony

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