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BMF Running: adidas fights poverty with #UltraBoost in ‘Runner’s Feet’ video


Without a doubt, the adidas Ultra Boost has created a stir in the athletic footwear community, from businesses to consumers to media — even BMF Sports’ coverage of the Ultra Boost has been well-documented.

In the latest push from the brand with the three stripes, adidas is pushing its newest great model with the hope of making a change in the world by fighting poverty.

See the video of the action and more here on the cause, courtesy of our friends at adidas.


adidas is confident that it has the greatest running shoe ever. To prove it, as 50,000 runners took on Boulder this Memorial Day, adidas took to the streets to ask racers to exchange the shoes on their feet for Ultra Boost, the brand’s most technically advanced running shoe with Boost cushioning technology.

Pairs were gone in under two hours. “These are comfortable right out of the box,” said one runner. “I’m actually obsessed with the look,” another mentioned.  “I feel like I could run this again in these.”

adidas is donating old pairs to Soles4Souls, an international non-profit organization committed to fighting poverty through the distribution of shoes and clothing.

Called “truly the industry leader” by Runner’s World, Boost provides the highest energy return of any other shoe on the market, performing better than almost 800 shoes the magazine tested. adidas Ultra Boost is available for $180 on

For more information, please visit Follow the conversation at and on Twitter @adidasrunning and #ultraboost.

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