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Marlon Brando to Narrate ‘Listen to Me Marlon’

Marlon Brando is the Muhammad Ali of acting. Sure, there can be arguments made for Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, and Daniel Day Lewis, but more often than not, Mr. Brando is sitting on top of the list. Brando was always interesting onscreen, but he was just as interesting offscreen. Showtime is taking on this legendary figure with Stevan Riley’s Listen to Me Marlon.

Brando was a magnetic personality onscreen, taking on various roles over decades of cinema, and delivering every time. He starred in some amazing films, including A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, Last Tango in Paris, The Godfather, and Apocalypse Now. Scratch that, he made them amazing films by starring in them. The documentary will delve into the life of the elusive, amazingly talented two-time Oscar winner.

Brando will also narrate the documentary by way of over 200 hours of audio tape that Brando recorded.

“Hit em,’ knock em’ over, with an attitude, with a nod, with a look,” Brando says, giving some acting advice.

Director Riley was granted permission to use Brando’s audio tape as he saw fit for the documentary. The tape consists of Brando’s insight into acting, self-hypnosis, and life that’s never been heard before. Brando himself wanted to make an autobiographical film with this personal archive before his death. This is looking to be quite a treat for film enthusiasts, and may just be a Best Documentary Oscar contender. Too early? Like it matters anyway.

This definitive Marlon Brando documentary will be released in select cities come late July.


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