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Slicing Open the Snake: An Open Letter From Sacramento Kings’ Fans

Image courtesy of Nirvan Sorooshian/Baller Mind Frame.

Image courtesy of Nirvan Sorooshian/Baller Mind Frame.

ATT: Mr. Ranadivé, Mr. Divac, Rest of the Sacramento Kings Front Office,

Rumors are rumors – just word-of-mouth breezes that ruffle fields during the summer time off season. Thing is, when a tiny spark presents itself in the field, a flame is fanned, and the entire field goes up in a bravura of malicious musings and cringe-worthy banter.

First things first: We Sacramento Kings’ fans appreciate everything that has been done to keep our beloved team in our city- the money put in, the effort to build a playoff caliber roster to go into our new Golden 1 Center come 2016, the savior in Kevin Johnson, a savior in you, Mr. Ranadive, and even a savior in former rival Shaquille O’Neal. Cheerful readiness aside, one thing has been blatantly overlooked in this particular scenario, and it’s time to acknowledge it.

Sacramento Kings fans are literally the reason why the Kings still exist in the city of trees. Literally, not figuratively.

So why the absolute holy hell do you keep defecating in our open mouths time and time again?

Flashes of greatness from seasons past blinked at the start of the 2014-15 season with our star and beloved center DeMarcus Cousins, the luminous Rudy Gay, and the rest of the lively roster under the guidance of former head coach Michael Malone. All was pleasant in paradise: the team was happy, the coach was happy, the fans were happy. Tragically, Cousins came down with viral meningitis in late November which caused him to miss a long string of games as he slowly recovered. Without their starter, the Kings went into a losing slump – hey, crap happens. Slumps happen. Yet, you seem to have thought that the only logical choice was to fire one of the only coaches that your star actually respected and loved.

Okay, the past is in the past. Malone was fired. Such supine reflections will remain prone for the time being.

Enter George Karl.

A coach notorious for butting heads with some of the league’s best players including Ray Allen and Carmelo Anthony. It’s noted, however, that when he finds harmony with his players, genius ignites the court. That won’t be the case in Sacramento since our 24-year old star (who averaged 24 PPG and 12 rebounds last season) can’t stand the veteran coach.

But those are just rumors, right?

Sources close to the Kings’ camp say that Karl unofficially is pushing hard to get you guys to trade our starting big Cousins, the glue that is currently holding the Sacramento fan base together. The new face of our franchise.

Again, just rumors?

Not according to Boogie:

image1 (2)

When the grass is cut, the snakes will show.”

With the fire blazing, there is only one outcome due to this extirpating rumor-mill: You are going to have to choose between Cousins and Karl. Because there is absolutely no way these two will ever find peace on the court. Period. You know, we know it, blind monks in the Himalayas know it.

If you decide to back Karl, you risk losing the city. Especially if you decide to trade him to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Are you kidding me?

These fans have bent over backwards for this franchise and that’s how you repay us? Our dedication, devotion, and febrile love is rewarded by sending one of the top centers to ever grace this generation to our arch rivals? How are we not supposed to take this as nothing short of a middle finger to the face?

I hear a great deal of fan bases agonizing over the collapse and rebuilding of their teams time and time again. It’s the territory that comes with being a fan. Heartache is a must, and it’s something we’re used to. But, like I said before, we are the reason why the colors of purple, black, and silver still wave across the sky.

We remained loyal despite sustaining multiple black eyes from the Maloof family, and are constantly reassured that it, “won’t happen again.”

We remained loyal through eight coaches in the past eight seasons.

We remained loyal through the “Kings to Seattle” prison.

We saved this team. And in return, the players saved us, particularly Cousins, who acts as the mongoose in this slithering situation.

So stop treating us like an annoying phantom and remove the knife you shoved into our backs – that same knife you used to penetrate Boogie. The thing is, our center can escape your shadow if you don’t rectify the situation because no one would blame him if he went elsewhere, particularly a place where he’s treated with the respect he utterly deserves and who utilizes his extraordinary talents under the guidance of a coach he respects. He deserves a front office who hunts the snake and not the mongoose. Yes, he can escape.

But we can’t.

Kings Fans

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