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Reebok Classic x FACE Stockholm Collection leads “Your Bold Finishes” campaign


Much of the time, it seems as though people think Reebok Classic as a brand is more titular than the name implies, but if you’ve forgotten their catalog, Reebok has now given you something to refresh your memory (or give the ’90s babies something to new to see from old!) — behold, the Reebok Classic x FACE Stockholm Collection.

See it all here, courtesy of our friends at Reebok Classic.

The Reebok Classic x FACE Stockholm collection officially launches today, July 1st, at retailers nationwide along with the launch of a new campaign featuring the one and only Ashley Madekwe called “Your Bold Finishes.”

The “Your Bold Finishes” campaign showcases how the Reebok Classic X FACE Stockholm collection can provide the finishing touch to any look, demonstrating how truly versatile the range is and encouraging women to experiment with sneaker style.

Ashley said of the collab: “I’m a huge sneaker fan and the Reebok Classic X FACE Stockholm collection is so fresh, edgy and versatile. The finishing touches make such a difference to any look, a bold lip, a brush of mascara and pulling on my Reebok Classic kicks is the perfect way to complete any outfit.”

The Reebok Classic x FACE Stockholm collection will be available for $70-$75 at Urban Outfitters, Villa, Lady Foot Locker and, starting July 1, 2015.

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