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adidas Ultra Boost reintroduces itself in Yellow hues


As big as adidas’ Boost technology has been in its two years of existence on the market, it’s steadily improved with clever engineering and the brand with the three stripes has since produced its greatest product yet in the adidas Ultra Boost. Stretching the look a bit further, the Ultra Boost has been extending into non-neutral colors — particularly in Solar Yellow for men and Frozen Yellow for women.

See the Ultra Boost here, courtesy of our great friends at adidas.


Today adidas unveils new colorways for Ultra Boost, our most technically-advanced running shoe with Boost technology bringing unprecedented comfort and energy mile after mile.

The carefully-engineered Primeknit upper provides a precision fit and maximum breathability, while the midsole technology returns energy with each step. A Stretch Web outsole with a perforated, elastic design adapts to all surfaces and puts runners closer to the Boost cushioning, allowing them to maximize the energy-return benefits. The heel cradles the foot and adjusts to the Achilles tendon’s natural movements. For a customized fit and feel, a featherweight sock liner adapts to runners’ individual foot forms.

Ultra Boost is now available for $180 at in Frozen Yellow for women and Solar Yellow for men.

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