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Opinion: NikeLab Lunar Force 1 x Acronym enhances functionality

698699_116_E_PREM_rectangle_1600 698699_002_E_PREM_rectangle_1600

NikeLab has had a strong year of releases. From the collaborations with Pigalle and other designers over to this latest release. The NikeLab Lunar Force 1 x Acronym is not only unique and different, but resembles the “Lab” more than anything else. It stands for functionality as much as experimenting with well-known silhouettes to add something to them. In this case, the added factor was the functionality. It was the goal to make the on-off process as easy and as functional as possible, and what’s easier than a zip?

Besides the enhancement of functionality, the NikeLab x Acronym Lunar Force I looks incredible, design-wise. The color blocking and the different materials available complement the shoe and give one of the most classic uppers, known for its simplicity, boldness. After the Lunar was an update of the Air Force I, this collabo is the update of the update. I’m impressed.

698699_002_H_PREM_rectangle_1600 698699_002_D_PREM_square_1600 698699_002_G_PREM_rectangle_1600 698699_116_H_PREM_rectangle_1600 698699_116_D_PREM_square_1600 698699_116_G_PREM_rectangle_1600 698699_001_H_PREM_rectangle_1600 698699_001_D_PREM_square_1600 698699_001_E_PREM_rectangle_1600 698699_001_G_PREM_rectangle_1600

Photos courtesy of Nike

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