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Steaming Hot NFL Picks Week 10

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Beall/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Beall/Flickr.

You know what separates good from great? The ability to bounce back after being put down. Going 2-4 over the last two weeks was easily my worst stretch of the season.

So how I did I respond?

By coming back and whipping your bookie’s ass last week! 3-0! Undefeated for the second time this season and this one feels better than the last.

Instead of getting all bent out of shape last week I stuck to a gameplan and it made you money. If you’ve been reading this (and placing bets) for the majority of the year, you know what I’m interested in. Swelling your pocket. So after nine weeks of betting, with the season of the NFL coming into the home stretch, I have done exactly that so far with a 17-10 record.

None of these other guys have given you a free 17 winners out of 27 bets. I know that to be an absolute fact.

Your pockets are fat, which makes me happy and so is my editor!

Straight Bet of the week
Denver Broncos -4 vs Kansas City Chiefs

Wait, Denver lost to the Indianapolis last week?! Are you kidding me?! How?! Indy is a bad football team and every time Peyton goes back to Indianapolis..

Oh… he was in Indy? Well that explains everything. He always chokes in Indy, even when he played for the Colts!

Seriously though, there is no way this Denver team is about to lose back-to-back games. Their defense is far too good and they have been far too dominant in the AFC West to drop a game against the Chiefs. Nothing against KC but Denver has a ferocious defense and Alex Smith has been running for his life all season anyway.

Even with Broncos defensive back Aqib Talib missing a game for poking Dwayne Allen in the eye last week, they will still stop the Chiefs from throwing the ball. Chris Harris Jr. is very strong in coverage and safety T.J. Ward scares wideouts away from the middle of the field. Plus Manning won’t have two stinkers in a row. Two weeks away from another Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning mashup, Manning will start playing great football again as if he stepped into a time machine. Of course this is his for preparation Brady.

Most of all Denver is the toughest place to play in the league, Mile High Stadium. They named the stadium correct, now make some money off that thin air!

O/U of the week
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens
Over 47 1/2

It’s not very often that the football gods hand us a gift “over” game like this. This is the perfect mix of excellent passing games from both teams, paired with the horrendous defense these teams bring to the table. In fact I have chosen four Jacksonville games, including this one, to go over. I picked the other three correctly and I don’t see the Jags over streak coming to an end this week. Jaguars might actually be a good team if they could stop the pass but they can’t so they depend on the big arm of their quarterback Blake Bortles. I don’t care who wins this game but you can bet (which you should) the total will be over 60, so 47 is a total gift.

Three team tease of the week
Green Bay Packers -10 1/2 vs Detroit Lions
Carolina Panthers – 4 1/2 @ Tennessee Titans
Seattle Seahawks -3 vs Arizona Cardinals

Packers -1 1/2
I have a list of reasons for this one:

1. The Packers just lost their second-straight game.
2. The Packers would never ever lose three straight.
3. Especially to the Detroit Lions
4. The Packers are good.
5. The Lions suck.
6. The Packers would never loose to the Lions.
7. I like the Packers this week.

Panthers +5 1/2
The Panthers are the team that decisively smashed the Packers last week. That was the game I was waiting for to declare the Panthers a “real” team. After the performance against the Pack I not believe they are “real”, but they have now become my Superbowl pick out of the NFC. You know the name Luke Kuechly, but how about Josh Norman? Know him? Josh Norman is statistically the best corner back in the league. Better than Richard Sherman, Darrelle Revis and Joe Hayden. In case you have forgotten the Titans have a rookie QB in Marcus Mariota. I like my odds with Mariota vs Norman. Plus my favorite thing of all with powerhouse teams… you’re getting points in a tease!

Seahawks +6
Although this may not seem as simple as I am about to put it, it truly is:

The Seahawks cannot lose another divisional game or they won’t make the playoffs. I am confident when I say they will make the playoffs. The Cardinals are just the next team in their way on their way to the postseason.

Oh ya, it’s in Seattle, so bring your ear plugs, Carson Palmer!

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