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Opinion: Nike LeBron 13 a product of evolution more than drastic change


The LeBron series does always feature the latest technology, but somehow the Nike LeBron 13 doesn’t have a load of brand-new tech. Actually, not too much has changed since the LeBron 12. This is actually not a bad thing, it just means that Nike did such a good job on the previous LeBron, that LeBron James himself didn’t want many changes on it.

The LeBron series is one of those signature lines of shoes that is very specific when it comes to performance. It is purely designed after the player’s needs and game. In my opinion, the LeBron is always the shoe that looks very old-school. While the other performance sneakers get modern, sleeker and also slimmer, the LeBron stays bulky. The reason for it, is that LeBron probably needs a shoe that is wider around the sole to give him stability during upward and downward movements, but also while guarding other players. Let’s not forget that LBJ is the type of small forward with an incredible athleticism and the physique of a power forward. Being such a unique type of player, his shoe couldn’t be anything else but unique, but also not the right sneaker for every other player.

For the most who play basketball, it might be too heavy and too big in its dimensions to allow the movements and quickness that someone might have or do in other shoes.

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