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Look Closer presents… SUPRA Skytop Winterized


Look Closer at The BMF with Complex Media is all about giving you the opportunity to see the best footwear and sportswear in performance & lifestyle fashion in up-close and personal, high-quality portraiture served with a side of expert commentary. Inspired and provided by Senior Editor Sandy Dover.

The SUPRA Skytop is one of the iconic sneakers of the skateboard scene. Virtually an instant classic upon its release in the mid-2000s, the Skytop has become a go-to shoe not only for many a skater, non-skaters who want something comfortable but still sophisticated for casual wear. Many entertainers and music stars, including Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber, have the Skytop as a kind of performance sneaker for stage performances and dressed-up for red carpet events. Now, the silhouette has arrived in a new form to battle the colder elements, as the SUPRA Skytop Winterized.

You’re formally invited to Look Closer and make a better informed opinion.

You’re welcome.

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Photography by Sandy Dover. Some rights reserved.

Special thanks to SUPRA.

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