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14 Days of Valentine’s Day Episodes: Marta Complex (Arrested Development)

We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day by looking at 14 different Valentine’s Day episodes from a variety of shows. Today we’re looking at “Marta Complex” from Arrested Development. Let’s take a look at this episode by going over its five most romantic pairings– keeping in mind that every relationship on this show is terrible.

1. Michael Bluth & Marta Estrella

They at least both like each other. He has some cute moments, like when he slips up and ends a toast with, “I love you all, Marta.” But, he spends the whole episode on a wild goose chase for a man named “Hermano,” not realizing that she was talking about how she’s in love with him, GOB’s brother. Learn some basic Spanish, dude. You made a huge mistake.

2. George Michael Bluth & Maeby Funke

He digs through a lot of candy hearts for her. The first few candy hearts say “no way,” “it’s wrong,” and “fat chance.” But, he manages to find one that says “Maybe Tonight.” The chances of that are only 1 in 8.

3. Buster Bluth & Lucille Austero

Buster is willing to replace his mother with Lucille and he gets super-jealous when Carl Weathers starts coming around all the time to make stew (“I don’t know what that means, but it sounds disgusting”). He’s so devastated at the idea of losing Lucille that he swears he’ll never love again. This lasts less than one minute, but it’s a nice thought.

4. Lindsay Bluth & Tobias Funke

Sure, she’s strongly considering bolting in the middle of the night. But, it’s their fourteenth anniversary. They must be doing something right. If you call not filing for divorce “something right.” At least they keep it interesting. Tobias spends his time having margaritas with Carl Weathers.

5. Lucille Bluth & George Bluth

His advice that learning to be alone will make Lucille happier is actually good advice and led to the happiest moment of the episode, when she dances around her apartment listening to “Rose’s Turn.”

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