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The Flash Review: 2.17: Flash Back

This week’s episode of The Flash featured the return of my love Hartley Rathaway. There wasn’t nearly enough of him in the episode, but the ending suggests he’s going to be folded into the main team. I could not be more excited!

As far as the episode itself, it was pretty silly. Barry decided to travel back in time to get tips on how to run faster from Eobard Thawne. This seems like a plan destined for disaster. I have absolutely no faith in Barry’s ability to not mess up the timeline and he made a lot of silly alterations on this trip. Barry also didn’t  account for the time ghosts that are apparently a thing now.

The time travel premise also allowed for the return of Eddie Thawne. It was nice seeing Rick Cosnett, but not much came from having Eddie in this episode. Barry took the chance to get a video of Eddie talking about his relationship with Iris to help her get closure, which felt a little forced and unnecessary.

Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh are both fantastic in this episode and a lot of the silliness of the premise is counteracted by how genuine the tension in Barry’s scenes with Eobard is.

The episode premise also led to some scenes featuring two Barrys side-by-side. The special effects, Grant Gustin’s acting and the fun writing (both of the Barrys talking about how they’ve watched Wrath of Kahn with Cisco a million times!) were all great in these scenes.

The beginning of the episode gave us more of the West family dynamic now that Wally is around. Barry and Wally are starting to bond a bit, since Wally has a mind for science as well. Him mentioning that Barry gets weirder every time he sees him was great.

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