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iZombie Review: 2.16: Pour Some Sugar, Zombie

This week’s iZombie was one of the weaker episodes in the show’s run. It wasn’t terrible, but the execution of Liv Moore eating a stripper’s brain was done in a very exaggerated way that made me feel like they lost track of Liv’s character in favor of predictable and insulting stripper jokes.

That said, I did really love that this was a Peyton Charles-heavy episode. I love seeing her friendship with Liv. The scene where they tried to trigger a memory of the victim by having Liv give Peyton a lap dance was cute and fun.

One scene of this episode was genuinely great and it was a very simple scene. Early in the episode, Liv, Peyton Charles, Ravi Chakrabarti and Major Lilywhite all sat around having a couple beers together. It felt wonderfully refreshing to see them all just hanging out as friends. The dialogue in this scene was great, especially when they compared themselves to the show Friends. Liv deadpanning that their life is just like the episode where Ross breaks up with Rachel because she’s a zombie who wants to fight crime was adorable and the fact that Major actually laughed gave us an idea of what a great place their friendship is in now.

The episode also had an emotional side. Liv starts off angry at Drake after finding out that he’s a criminal, but later finds out that he’s deceased and then discovers that he was a cop who was working undercover. This is so much for Liv to deal with. I wish the times when she’s happy weren’t always so short-lived.

This episode also gave Blaine DeBeers amnesia. I’m not sure where they’re going with this or if it’s the best choice for Blaine’s character, but I’ll wait and see what happens with it.

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