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NBA Academy to Start Operating in India in 2017


If anyone had any doubts about the NBA’s determination to capitalize on their rising popularity abroad, recent news about the organization’s plans to open a sports academy in India next year should put those doubts to sleep (You can find NBA Odds at

The NBA intends to open an NBA Academy in the National Capital region of India. These are the sorts of plans that sports leagues talk about doing, but they never accomplish, instead using the rumors as tools to increase their exposure. In this case, though, the NBA has every intention of bringing its plans to fruition; and basketball fans, especially those in India, won’t have to wait that long to see these plans come to life.

It looks like the NBA could have their academy in India open as early as April of 2017; this timetable shows that the NBA is serious about the project and that they have no intention of dragging their feet. The purpose of the NBA academy will be to not only recruit the best male and female talent in the country, but it will also seek to train this talent, creating a new generation of basketball stars.

The NBA is taking the lead on the project. They intend to fully fund the academy, though such projects are hardly new for the organization – the NBA already has four sports academies around the world. The Indian Academy will be their fifth elite school, though it will be the first of its kind in India. China already has three NBA academies, opened early in 2016. The organization recognizes its burgeoning global fame and they are capitalizing on the desire by many sports fans around the world to better engage with the American basketball league.

The NBA already has a scouting program in place, which they will implement in India next month to acquire their first set of talented athletes (between the ages of 14 and 18). Athletes that are selected can expect to study and train at the NBA Academy under a scholarship scheme. The NBA Academy will operate in partnership with other schools through which academic educational requirements will be met.

The process to recruit coaches and consultants has already begun. The academy will also require scouts. The primary draw of this academy is the opportunity it offers students to play against the best teams domestically and internationally. The NBA also has a global academy in Canberra, Australia, which acts as the central hub for the league’s international educational schemes. The global academy and the various academies around the world constitute the NBA’s largest investment in the acquisition of talent from beyond the borders of the United States.

There is so much untapped talent lost to those corners of the world that the NBA has never been able to reach before. The organization’s academies are supposed to act as a bridge between far-flung talent and the NBA. The NBA is determined to make the world its arena, and by planting academies in the two most populous nations on the planet, they are making their desire to conquer sports on a global scale known.

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