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Jasmine Elizabeth Talks Modeling, Future, & More

Jasmine Elizabeth, a rising model with a growing following and a strong look, recently joined me for a Q&A styled interview. Topics that we discussed included her modeling work, personal interests, and beyond. Please support Jasmine’s career by giving her a follow on all social media accounts after you complete the interview. It was a pleasure to speak with her and all of us with Hardwood and Hollywood are grateful for her time.

H&H: Jasmine, thank you for dedicating some time to speak with me on behalf of my website. To start, where are you based and how do you like living there?
Jasmine: Thank you so much for having me, I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and still am currently based here. I love it here because it’s not super busy here but still tons of opportunities to do what you love.

H&H: When did you first decide that modeling was a passion for you to pursue?
Jasmine: I knew modeling was a passion for me since I was little. I would always change into different clothing and walk around the house like it was my runway haha.

H&H: Have you found the modeling community to be a positive/supportive one or can it sometimes get competitive?
Jasmine: I have found the modeling community to be very supportive actually! When I’m on sets with different models we all get along and support each other during the shoot, even if we just met!

H&H: What would you say is your greatest strength in front of the camera and how do you go about making this aspect come alive during photo shoots?
Jasmine: My greatest strength in front of the camera I would say is being able to zone out all the people on set and just focus on me and the camera. In the beginning of being on big sets I would often get nervous because of how many people would be watching me, but now I’m able to just see me and the camera.

H&H: Modeling is obviously about more than just looking good for a series of pictures. On this note, what are some of the personality traits/important characteristics to have for this line of work?
Jasmine: Important characteristic traits to have for modeling is PATIENCE. Shoots can last all day and consist of so many looks, which means hair and makeup getting done over and over again and wardrobe changes! Being patient helps me stay in good spirits throughout the shoot and have a great time!

H&H: How do you personally define creativity and is creativity a dynamic that goes hand-in-hand with modeling?
Jasmine: I would define creativity as bringing your imagination to life, which is SO important for modeling. For one it’s important for a model to understand the director’s creativity, so they can bring their ideas to life when in front of the camera. But it’s even more important for a model to trust their own creativity, so that as models, we are not afraid to try new things in front of the camera.

H&H: We live in a predominantly social media heavy age where countless people have access to the daily routines of others. Throughout your experience, what have been the pros and cons of social media?
Jasmine: There are so many good and bad things that come with social media. I would say a pro is that social media has helped me display my work and get noticed. However a con is that I would feel in competition with others that have more followers or likes than me. It would make me feel not good enough at times. But I’ve learned you just have to balance it right. Social media isn’t everything and it’s supposed to only be there to help you. So if it’s not helping you don’t even bother with it.

H&H: I saw that you recently put out a makeup tutorial on your YouTube channel. Are you planning to release more of this type of content in the future?
Jasmine: It’s so funny because YouTube has been my world since I was in like 4th grade. Before being a beauty guru was trendy. I’m definitely working on some new videos but geared more towards fashion! And I can’t wait to show you guys.

H&H: Outside of what we’ve already gone over, what sort of hobbies are existent and important in your life?
Jasmine: My most important hobby that exists is fashion!! Not too many people know I style myself for most of my photo shoots and I also style others all the time. I can’t wait to share more of that side of me soon!

H&H: Do you have anything particularly exciting coming up during 2016 or 2017 that you would like to share?
Jasmine: There are a lot of new exciting things I’ve been working on for 2017, I can’t say too much but I will say expect a lot of new work from me!

H&H: Thank you once again for your time on this interview, I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. In closing, where can you be found on social media?
Jasmine: Thank you so much again for having me, it’s been a pleasure!! You can find me on Instagram: @Thejasminelizabeth , Twitter: @Thejasmineliz , & Snap: @Thejasmineliza

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