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The Flash Season 3 Review: 3.13: Attack on Gorilla City

This week’s episode of The Flash season 3 had Barry Allen and the gang traveling to Gorilla City. Traveling to a city of hyperintelligent gorillas is a winning formula and thankfully this episode doesn’t blow it.

Gorilla Grodd lured the team there, then revealed it was all a trick so he could become the leader of the gorillas and then lead them on an attack of Earth-2. I can’t believe no one saw through this plan. At no point did anyone ask why any gorilla other than Grodd would care about a completely separate Earth. Cisco Ramon came to the conclusion that the only way to prevent the gorillas from coming to Earth-2 was for him to die, so that no one could create a breach. The stakes were specially high since a gorilla attack on Central City would bring things closer to the timeline where Iris West dies. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that and they were able to escape.

However, the end tag revealed that Grodd thought his plan through. He already had Cindy Reynolds ready so, unfortunately, the gorillas will be invading Central City next week. When I said “unfortunately” I mean for the characters. Obviously, this is great news for us, the viewers.

In the episode’s subplot, Wally West and Jesse Quick tried to figure out their relationship. Jesse felt Wally pulling away ever since he became a superhero. She said it seemed like he’s already complete. He assured her that he could never be complete without her. Aww. So, it looks like Jesse will be staying on Earth-1 for a while.

I’m hoping Jesse’s return means we’ll also get more Harry Wells. It was wonderful seeing him again this week and I need more of him interacting with Cisco. HR Wells is fine, but he’s not Harry. Besides, sending HR away and keeping Harry instead would be a change from the timeline where Iris dies.

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