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Powerless Season 1 Review: 1.8: Green Furious

This week’s episode of Powerless season 1 was all about Natalie Morales as Green Fury. In the episode opening, Emily Locke saves her life so she says that she owes her a favor.

Emily decides to call that favor in at work when she needs a spokesperson for the Wayne Security Poncho. But, the ad the company comes up with is extremely insulting. Emily’s last-minute idea to objectify the male superhero The Olympian instead of Green Fury in the commercial was delightful.

Green Fury has an easy chemistry with Emily and is both charming and hilarious. She’s a great addition to the show. The best line of the episode happened when The Olympian asked her to get dinner and she responded, “No, but text me around 11 and we’ll knock one out.” Now that’s the hero we all deserve.

This plot also brought in the always wonderful Matt Oberg as a Wayne Security higher up. As much as I love both Oberg and Alan Tudyk, and as ready as I am to laugh at oblivious rich men, this aspect didn’t add much to the episode. Van Wayne’s whole insecurity millionaire thing is quickly becoming old.

Meanwhile, Green Fury’s consistent rejection of Teddy prompted him to change his personality to appeal more to women. He went over the top, wearing a This is What a Feminist Looks Like t-shirt and constantly referring to himself as “woke.” There were some moments where Teddy’s narcissism were played well, but the male feminist stuff felt incredible stale. The best part of the plot was the great moments showcasing how much Ron loves Teddy for who he is. When will Teddy wake up and see what’s right in front of him?

The c-plot of the episode was the strongest story of all of them. Jackie brought her daughter to work because she was suspended. Jackie’s daughter bonded with Wendy, who had some incredible jokes this episode. In a stand out scene, Wendy fantasized about cutting Superman’s dick off. That is an incredible character detail.

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