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The Flash Season 3 Review: 3.19: The Once and Future Flash

This week The Flash season 3 opened with Iris West asking Barry Allen to promise her that if Savitar does kill her, he won’t let Joe West push him away. Then, he travels to the future and we get an entire episode about his inability to keep that promise. Oh, Barry.

This was a fun episode. I’m not immune to getting feelings from seeing Team Flash torn apart and put back together. It’s hard for it not to feel like a filler episode. After all, it mostly took place in a future that will never exist again. But, it worked because Barry’s personal lesson about sticking with his family and friends rang true.

The battle against Mirror Master and Top was pretty unexciting. The idea of villains running the town is so fun, but were those really the most fun villains they could come up with? Leonard Snart and Mick Rory really left a void.

Barry’s plan in this episode felt a little flawed. His future self didn’t have much to offer for information since, of course, he failed to save Iris. I wish Barry’s big rally-the-troops moment had been getting everyone in on a quest for deeper information, rather than an ultimately irrelevant battle with lower tier villains. That could’ve made this episode feel exciting rather than being a passable but time-killing episode.

Similarly, I wish we’d actually gotten to see Savitar at the end. The teases about who they might be aren’t especially exciting. Since the reveals on this show tend to be incredibly weak, it’s hard to give them the benefit of the doubt that this one will be worth the wait. Having Killer Frost actually promise on screen that it’ll be a huge shock was truly some clunky teasing. Hopefully soon The Flash season 3 will stop assuring us that there are exciting reveals to come and start actually hitting interesting plot points.

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