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iZombie Season 3 Review: 3.4: Wag the Tongue Slowly

Well, Peyton Charles’ relationship with Blaine DeBeers seems to be happening in full force in iZombie season 3 and we all just have to live with that. And now that he’s taken Ravi Chakrabarti’s memory loss cure, but claimed it didn’t work, we have even more reason to believe he’s faking. The disturbing relationship is definitely weighing the show down, but all other aspects remain strong.

In particular, Major Lilywhite’s story this week was great. He found Natalie, despite knowing all the danger it would cause. Even Natalie herself was upset at him for putting himself at such risk. The story highlighted what a great hero Major is in his own right, aside from being Liv Moore’s love interest. The episode ended with his infantry shipping out. Hopefully, this won’t make his plot too grand and caught up in zombie warfare to get that emotional resonance that’s been so great.

Meanwhile, Liv and Clive Babineaux’s case of the week was solid but nothing special. It was certainly fun seeing Liv on gossip brains and Rose McIver was hilarious as always with the personality-of-the-week. What did stand out this week was their quest to find the person who killed Wally’s family. The search led them to a zombie hater who’s also a white supremacist. I always appreciate when sci-fi shows remember to acknowledge real world bigotry in the midst of their metaphor bigotry. Plus, it gave us the incredible dramatic irony of someone who claims to fiercely hate zombies hitting on Liv because of how pale and blonde she is. That is maybe one of my favorite moments from this entire series.

Ravi’s moping and drinking story gave me mixed feelings. Liv gave him a great talking to in the beginning. And his scene with Major was a great reminder that he’s still capable of being the voice of reason, even now that he’s a mess. Hopefully, this is the last week he’ll come off petty and his character will feel more consistent with the Ravi we know soon.

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