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Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ Celebrates Five Years Since Release

Marvel's The AvengersMarvel’s The Avengers was released on May 4, 2012 and was the final film for Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or as it more commonly known as MCU). The star-studded cast includes Robert Downey Jr (The Judge), Chris Evans (Cellular), Samuel L. Jackson (Shaft), and Mark Ruffalo (Now You See Me). The film’s plot involves Nick Fury, director of SHIELD, recruiting Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, and Captain to stop Thor’s brother Loki from attacking Earth with a massive alien army. Given the fifth anniversary of the film, let’s talk about five facts that you may not have known about it.

Fact 1: The working title of the film was Group Hug, as revealed by Tom Hiddleston in an interview with The Guardian.

Fact 2: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) refers to three of the film’s characters (Thor, Loki and Hawkeye) as either movie titles or movie characters. Loki was referred to as Reindeer Games, Thor was referred to as Point Break, and Hawkeye as Legolas from Lord of The Rings.

Fact 3: The line “That man is playing Galaga” was ad-libbed by Robert Downey Jr, according to Joss Whedon. Whedon liked the line so much he decided to dub an image of the game on “that man’s” computer when the line is delivered.

Fact 4: The post-credits scene where the audience sees the Avengers eating a shawarma restaurant was referenced during the final battle in New York when Iron Man crashes onto the street, you can quickly see the shawarama restaurant. The scene was actually filmed following the LA premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers and if you notice closely enough, Chris Evans has his hand up to his cheek. This was done to cover up the prosthetic chin he had because Evans had grown out his beard for the film, Snowpiercer.

Fact 5: The fighter jet the Hulk is thrown into and subsequently rips the wing off of to thrown at Thor should look familiar. The jet was used in James Cameron’s True Lies. This was done as Marvel was unable to use actual jets or helicopters so filmmakers used digital props and any affordable props they could find.

Overall, Marvel’s The Avengers is a great film and culminates the last film of Marvel’s Phase One. The film was released on May 4, 2012 and grossed $1.519 billion in the box office. Marvel’s The Avengers was the first Marvel film to earn $1 billion in ticket sales.

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