The Flash Season 4 Review: 4.11: The Elongated Knight Rises

After last week’s courtroom drama episode, this week The Flash season 4 delivered on one of its silliest episodes yet. The episode pitted Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man against the Trickster. The result was a watchable and whimsical delight. Sadly, there was no appearance by Mark Hamill as the original Trickster. But, Devon Graye as the new Trickster and Corinne Bohrer as his mother Prank were a lot of fun. It also featured a cameo by Beebo from the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode “Beebo, the God of War.” Basically, they pulled out all the stops.

I’ve been enjoying Ralph a lot. He works as a charming, PG dirtbag. His development into a true hero is genuinely interesting. His admission that of course he only got into heroism because he assumed he couldn’t get hurt rang true. Silly things like Trickster lucking into an acid formula that was able to hurt Ralph worked because the character development worked.

The subplot showed Barry Allen in prison. The episode didn’t do much with this premise besides showing Barry being sad. Barry felt less heroic than ever when he sat through a prison riot and was only concerned with his own wallowing. It would’ve been more interesting to see how he still has the instinct to help others, even at his most defeated. This episode also introduced Big Sir, a fellow prisoner played by wrestler Bill Goldberg. In a fairly cliche narrative, he protected Barry because of a former friendship with Henry Allen. The story lacked any real punch and it’s unclear if they’re going anywhere interesting with it or if it was just a one off.

The episode ended on an exciting note: the reappearance of Jessica Parker Kennedy’s character. The babbling, adorable nerd is most likely Iris West-Allen and Barry’s daughter from the future. Kennedy is already great in the role and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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