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Kuzma Vs. Lonzo: Lakers’ Rookie Troll Wars Escalating

The war of words between Lakers’ rookies, Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball, has been a fun back-and-forth troll session all season. And it looks like Kuzma just took it to another level.

Screen capture courtesy of the Los Angeles Lakers-NBA/Youtube.

Screen capture courtesy of the Los Angeles Lakers-NBA/Youtube.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ rookie Troll Wars had been fairly quiet over the last week or so—that is, until Kyle Kuzma was asked whether he would be open to moving Lonzo Ball ahead of the NBA’s Feb. 8 trade deadline if he were running the Purple and Gold.

“Yeah. I was on HoopsHype earlier today, and I saw. . .there’s rumors of him getting traded for like a bag of peanuts or something,” Kuzma quipped. “So that would be a good trade.”

When asked about the impact of Zo’s eventual return, Kuz took yet another opportunity to clown the Crown Prince of Chino Hills.

“We’re winning more without him, so I don’t know really,” he said. Lonzo Wire

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