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Playdemic’s Golf Clash is Perfect for all Golfers on the Go


Brought to you by our friends at Golf Clash.

GC_ArtBetween family responsibilities and barbecues, not all golfers have time to sneak in a full 18 holes with their golfing buddies. For those golfers that don’t have time for a full round, but still want the competition, there’s Golf Clash, the No. 1 grossing sports app in the U.S. on mobile.

Currently one of the top 10 grossing mobile games in the world, Golf Clash gameplay allows users to compete against friends in quick (typically 3-5 minutes) multiplayer matches, participate in tournaments themed around real-world events and holidays, and show off videos of their best shots through native, easy-to-use sharing. The game is now available for download on all iOS and Android devices. If you are interested to learn playing golf give flightscope a look at shopindoorgolf.com/collections/flightscope, enjoy a virtual golf course with one of these amazing flightscope golf simulators.

“Golf Clash is the best golf app I’ve come across every, period! It’s totally addictive, intuitive controls & UI. Graphics are awesome (I’ve got a Google Pixel) & it has a small memory footprint. I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks & I still have over 80% to advance in tours. Great job developers! BTW, your ads pay less as you watch… insane!”

General Golf Clash Info

  • Golf Clash is an incredibly successful and award-winning quick-fire golf dual game from Playdemic, a Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment studio.
  • Golf Clash is the No. 1 grossing sports app in the U.S. on mobile, with more than 40 million downloads globally to date.
  • Golf Clash is available now for download on all iOS and Android devices and has been a top app since its launch in 2017.
  • Golf Clash is the perfect casual game with short session matches easily enjoyed by fans or newcomers, anytime, anywhere.
  • Friends can play against each other one-on-one anytime through quick, competitive online multiplayer matches
  • Golf Clash allows you to show off videos of your best shots instantly through native, easy-to-use sharing.
  • Golf Clash has frequent time-based tournaments themed to real-world events and holidays.
  • Total installs: 38,290,702
  • Total games played: 4,071,338,043
  • Average daily engagement: iOS – 42.5 mins (9-10 games) / Android – 49.5 mins (10-11 games)
  • Most games by one player: 25,694
  • Number of users that have participated in a tournament: 3,055,154
  • Highest participation in a single tournament: 632,840 (Haunted Hills)
  • Golden shots taken: 36,613,699
  • Current average DAU: 1.8m
  • Current Average WAU: 3.5m
  • Average hole in one rate (main hole): 0.04%
  • Average hole in one rate (shootout): 0.69%
  • Most used club: The Extra Mile
  • Most challenging hole: The Milano 5b
  • Longest winning streak: 399 Games
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