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Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Review: 9.14: Any Which Way But Goose

Maybe it was inevitable that the only way Bob’s Burgers could escalate Tina Belcher’s social awkwardness was with actual beastiality. Is that the next logical step after a ghost boyfriend?

In this Valentine’s Day episode, Tina was heartbroken after Jimmy Pesto Jr. didn’t ask her to the dance. So, she poured her heart out to a goose named Bruce, who immediately became attached to her. Tina forgot about her preoccupation with Jimmy Jr. and started daydreaming about marrying Bruce and having half-goose children.

My issue with this episode wasn’t exactly how weird it is. Tina is just young enough that her crushes are still abstract and falling for an animal almost makes sense. My main problem was that things are mostly becoming too easy for Tina.

Jimmy admitted that he wanted to ask her out and only chose not to because of an embarrassing injury. Tina’s suggestion of a zombie-themed prom actually won. As Louise Belcher and Gene Belcher pointed out, in this episode Jimmy ended up talking about his butt to Tina and she didn’t care at all. This episode felt many steps removed from Tina being painfully awkward and hopeless. The central conceit didn’t seem to be that she was confiding in a goose out of desperation. At some point she was actively choosing the goose over her previous dreams, which were suddenly attainable. So, it all became hard to follow.

The subplot was much better. Linda Belcher helped Gretchen look for a date for her sister’s wedding. Gretchen’s family wanted her to find someone nice, so Linda helped pick out a boring, respectable man. But, Gretchen wanted to keep having casual flings with the fun me she was accustomed to. Watching Gretchen be very forward on dates was great. When she found out that her date was a foot doctor, she replied, “Well, did you know my foot is a urologist?” I’m jealous of her game.

Linda tried hard to get Gretchen to go for someone nice and boring. But, in the end she realized that’s exactly what Gretchen’s family tries to push her to do and that Linda wasn’t respecting her own desires and judgment. In the end, she offered to be Gretchen’s date. Usually Tina episodes are the best episodes of Bob’s Burgers. But, this time I have to say that the Linda plot should’ve been the A-plot.

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