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Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Review: 9.17: What About Blob?

This week Bob’s Burgers season 9 delivered an enjoyable episode centered on Gene Belcher. He desperately tried to save a blob of plankton that a yacht club owner wanted to bleach.

Gene was feeling down on himself because everyone was especially annoyed with his tendency to make weird sounds. So, he started to overidentify with the useless blob. It was a sweet emotional arc that drove the episode. The thoughtless, environment-destroying yacht club owner was a natural villain, so the story worked great.

Gene needed help from more than just his sisters Louise Belcher and Tina Belcher. So, they recruited Sasha Whiteman and his friend Duncan, who were happy to help since they’re members of a rival yacht club. Sasha is one of my favorite recurring characters and Duncan is always funny as well. They were both great in this episode.

In the end, Gene was able to save the plankton with his weird sounds. Plankton moves when it’s near sound, so he was able to push the blob far enough into the sea that the yacht club was no longer concerned with it. This was a great, satisfying ending.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Pesto was out of town. His bartender Trev clearly missed him. In expressing how much he missed Jimmy, he revealed that their relationship is mostly tied up in making fun of Bob Belcher. When Linda Belcher called him out on being mean, he decided he wanted to change his ways. In the one-liner of the episode, he said, “I don’t want to be a meanie-weenie… I want to be a nicey-weenie.”

Teddy and Linda traded insults at Bob back in forth and made Trev resist high-fiving them. It was a fantastic scene. He broke his habit of validating insults about Bob. This was a strong plotline that utilized a minor character I hadn’t given much thought to in the previous eight seasons of Bob’s Burgers.

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