The Roundball Review NBA Podcast – Episode 6

On a brand new episode of The Roundball Review NBA Podcast, Sonny Giuliano and Paul Clark bounce around the league and discuss the following topics:

  • Where does Kawhi Leonard’s Game 7 game-winner rank among the biggest shots in NBA Playoff history?
  • After Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, what adjustments can we expect Toronto to make moving forward in their series versus Milwaukee?
  • Do the Portland Trail Blazers have any chance of upsetting the Golden State Warriors after losing Game 1 in convincing fashion?
  • Just how underrated are Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors at this moment?
  • How much of Houston’s Round 2 defeat can we pin on Mike D’Antoni?
  • Is it possible that Zion Williamson will make a power play and avoid playing for the New Orleans Pelicans?

All of this and much more on the Roundball Review NBA Podcast!







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