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2019 NCAA Champs Virginia Cavs, Nine Others Heat ACC’s 2021 March Madness

The 2021 March Madness season is well on its way, bringing another epic season of collegiate basketball match-ups. Last year, the event got canceled due to the
health crisis. Now, it’s finally back on track. The NCAA is scheduled to open on March 14, 2021, the Selection Sunday, and four days after begins the First Four. In line with this event, the Atlantic Coast Conference is a highly anticipated group to appear in the 2021 NCAA. Last year, the Virginia Cavaliers from ACC dispatched Texas Tech in the finals round to an 85-77 game run. Today, Virginia remained as the defending champions who are looking to win it again this season.

In many years, ACC has produced college basketball games that mostly dominated the NCAA slate. These teams had been featured on TV, in magazines, and even on the blog of various sports websites. This group comprises fifteen teams and whoever wins the conference title earns an automatic bid for the March Madness at NCAA. Looking into what the ACC can offer this year, here are today’s top ten strongest teams of the said conference.

Virginia Cavaliers
Virginia Cavaliers are expected to top the ACC seeding as they’re currently the defending champions. This team has recently earned seven victories and one loss and will earn even more to move forward to the NCAA. Their odds boosted after turning down Syracuse last weekend to an 81-58 game run.

Virginia Tech Hokies
The Virginia Tech Hokies dispatched the Virginia Cavaliers in their last match-up to a 65-51 game run. That said, they are the second-seeded team at the ACC who garners seven wins and two losses. This team had been part of the 2019’s Sweet 16 but lost to the Duke Devils, who failed to move a step closer to the next round.

Florida State Seminoles
Florida State Seminoles were the first team to reach the 2019 Sweet 16 list. However, their dreams of winning the title got denied when Gonzaga defeated them. Today, the Seminoles return to the ACC as the third-seeded team earning six wins and two losses. In the next few days, they are going up with Boston College to tie with Virginia Tech in the ranking once they make it.

Louisville Cardinals
The Louisville Cardinals lost their momentum in the last season of NCAA and got nowhere to find. Today, they started an impressive season coming from behind, which now settles at the fourth seed at ACC. The Cardinals presently earned six wins, and three loses and aims to soar high as they will go up with Syracuse in the next few days.

North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC)
The North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) is also one of the teams who made it to the Sweet 16 list in the 2019 edition. This team had lived up to their promise in accomplishing their unfinished business last year, which now settles at the 5th seed in ACC. Earning six victories and three losses, UNC hopes to soar high even more before the Selection Sunday takes place.

Duke Blue Devils
Occupying the 6th seed in the ACC today are the Duke Blue Devils. They have garnered five victories and three losses since the conference season started. In 2019, they entered the Elite 8 but got lost to Michigan State. Will the Devils find another chance to move forward in the finals this 2021 NCAA season?

Syracuse Orange
Syracuse won their latest game against the NC State to a 76-73 game run. They are now on the 7th seed at the ACC with four wins and losses. In their next three games, they are up to face some of the ACC’s best, which are Duke, Louisville, and NC State.

Pittsburgh Panthers
Taking the ACC’s 8th seed are the Pittsburgh Panthers. They presently recorded four wins and the same number of losses as Syracuse. The Panthers got lost to Notre Dame a few days ago and will go up against Virginia Tech on Wednesday. If the Panthers can turn down Virginia Tech, their odds will indeed skyrocket.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Georgia Tech missed appearing in the 2019 NCAA, but like the other ACC teams, they are coming back significantly this season. Occupying the 9th seed, Georgia Tech presently earned four wins and defeats. They will face the Notre Dam and the defending champs this week.

Clemson Tigers
With a 4-5 record at ACC, Clemson Tigers are filling-up the final rank for the said conference. Last January 27, the team went up against Louisville and had won the match to a 54-50 game run. In the next few days, the Tigers will face the UNC, which will make their ranking higher if they successfully win the game.


The Atlantic Coast Conference had their last appearance in the 2019 NCAA Championship producing Virginia Cavaliers as the winner. Not only that, but the Duke Devils had brought twenty-one conference titles, which had the most number of wins at ACC. Can the Cavaliers, Devils, and eight more bring another NCAA pride to the ACC this year?

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