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The Ultimate Brooklyn Nets Bandwagon Test

As it is with any team that gets an influx of great players, said franchise also gets a bunch of new fans to support them. While any fanbase welcomes new fans with open arms, they typically get skeptical when it comes to new “fans” that only join the fanbase when the team is doing particularly well. This process of hopping from one successful franchise to another is called “bandwagoning” and it’s heavily frowned upon.

When Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving announced they were signing with the Brooklyn Nets back in July 2019, the Nets fanbase saw an influx of fans with tickets to hop aboard. Demand to get on the ride only grew stronger when the Nets traded for James Harden. As well as the hate if we’re being honest.

In any case, the test below is to check to see if you are indeed a loyal Nets fan or a bandwagon fan (honestly, no judgement because who doesn’t like a winner, am I right?). There are going to be ten relatively difficult questions, all of which have choices A through D. Keep track of your answers as you’ll need to recall them at the end.

  1. Which player averaged the most rebounds in a season during their time with the Nets?
    A. Reggie Evans
    B. Kevin Garnett
    C. Kris Humphries
    D. Buck Williams
  2. Which of the following is a former Nets player and NOT a former New York State Senator?
    A. Royal Copeland
    B. Sam Bowie
    C. David Hill
    D. Preston King
  3. The Nets had a home stadium at which of the following locations?
    A. Queens, New York
    B. Hoboken, New Jersey
    C. West Hempstead, New York
    D. East Hartford, Connecticut
  4. Which of the following played for the Nets?
    A. Marcus Camby
    B. Jerry Stackhouse
    C. Derek Fisher
    D. Allan Houston
  5. Which of the following left the Nets in 2014-15 to play in China despite averaging 11 points, five rebounds, and one steal per game?
    A. C.J. Watson
    B. Andrei Kirilenko
    C. Keith Bogans
    D. Andray Blatche
  6. Who’s the franchise’s all-time leading scorer?
    A. Julius Erving
    B. Vince Carter
    C. Brook Lopez
    D. Richard Jefferson
  7. Which of the following legends played for the Nets?
    A, Shaquille O’Neal
    B. Alex English
    C. Dominique Wilkins
    D. Rick Barry
  8. What NBA record did Deron Williams break on Mar. 8th, 2013 against the Washington Wizards?
    A. Most assists in a quarter
    B. Most steals in a half
    C. Most assists in a half
    D. Most three-pointers in a half
  9. What is the name of the arena the Nets played in before their move to Brooklyn?
    A. Prudential Center
    B. Rutgers Athletic Center
    C. Nassau Coliseum
    D. IZOD Center
  10. Which of the following numbers has NOT been retired by the franchise?
    A. 15 (Vince Carter)
    B. 3 (Drazen Petrovic)
    C. 52 (Buck Williams)
    D. 5 (Jason Kidd)


So, how do you think you did? Below are the answers to all ten questions listed out as A through D.

A, B, C, B, D, C, D, D, A, and A

Fan Designation:

Zero to three correct: Bandwagon
Four to six correct: Casual Fan
Seven or eight correct: Hardcore Fan
Nine or ten correct: Nets Superfan (or you cheated)

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