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Allen Iverson Rookie Highlights

Allen Iverson is arguably the greatest scoring “little man” to ever lace them up on an NBA court. He had a silent fury to prove everyone wrong and was the epitome of charismatic rebellion every time he stepped foot on the hardwood.

Practice? You can’t practice prolific swagger in getting buckets. You either have the knack or you don’t, and Allen Iverson had it in droves.

It’s sad to hear about AI’s off-court woes and his latest acts of seeming desperation to continue making money from a game that loved him, which he didn’t always fully love back. Iverson is the paragon of a fallen basketball anti-hero trying to get back in the NBA, but will settle playing halfway around the world, leaving the game, not on his terms, but because the game left him.

However, Allen Iverson should be remembered for his brilliance on the deck. Crossover after crossover. Hesitation step after hesitation step. Rim attack after getting hot from deep after exclamations from the crowd asking, “How did he do that?!?!”

It all began from the jump with Iverson hitting hard his rookie season with the Philadelphia 76ers. Check the following video of that year and watch him break ankles and leave fools in the dust:

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