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Runnin’ The Weave: Charting the depths

Though it is still early on the calendar to concentrate on fantasy basketball, we here at Baller Mind Frame and Runnin’ The Weave are eager and excited with what we have in the works for you, and all of our readers. Mock drafts and experts leagues are being formed, as well as rankings and projections for each position. Tools that will help us help you.

For this weeks RTW I want to touch on something quite simple. I am going to stay away from the numbers game for a moment. No plans to get into specific players. Not interested in trying to figure out who might do what. Shying away from any predictions, projections, history, or anything else. Passing on who is in a contract year and might have trained with what Hall of Famer hoping to improve his game. Rather, this week’s column will get you focused on what we all should be looking for in the coming weeks as we countdown to the opening tip.

As you have probably figured out by now, I like building up the drama. Sure I could have just thrown out what it is I am talking about, but really, what fun would that have been? So, with all that said let us get to what it is that is so fundamental yet so imperative and important. Drum roll, please… depth charts! Good old-fashioned depth charts is one of fantasy life’s simple treasures. Simple, huh? Sure is. Here’s the equation, which surely won’t be confused with calculus:

High on the Depth Chart = Playing Time = Production

Sure there are other factors and goodies to worry about, but depth charts and playing time is the key that opens the door and starts the engine. Without PT all we have is a 6’9″ 245-pound piece of machinery that can be considered a sitting statue. Bottom line, if you’re on the floor sweating, you have a chance at statistics. Like I said, not calculus, yet a formula so simple Similac is jealous and considering a patent lawsuit against us (if you have kids you know what Similac is and for those that might not it, is a popular brand of baby food formula).

Without a doubt there are players in the NBA that are more talented than others. But talent is something abundant within the Association and it fills NBA team rosters up and down from the first player on the floor to the last player on the bench. Opportunity and minutes on the court are not so much freely available. Consider being on the court running up and down platinum. Precious, limited, and yes, very valuable. When a “back up” gets his chance to play, for whatever reason, you certainly are going to pay close attention to all the details. Same thing you want to do before your draft. Pay close attention to depth charts and do it now.

Quick little story from when I was younger. I went to a New York Knickerbockers game many moons ago and got to the game rather early. I was privelaged to watch the players warm up and shoot around. There was a player named Louis Orr. Now if you dont know Mr. Orr, he never was anything special. Decent, but definitely not someone who when you would play in the playground and say, “Orr!” when shooting a fadeaway (I always thought saying “Bird” would help). So Orr came out early and was shooting around on all different spots on the court. He must have taken 40-50 shots. All sorts of distances and even had a coach put a hand in his face. The guy must have made 90% of the shots he took! Louis Orr! Shocking, but eye-opening. The guy you thought was the worst was actually great? What? Confusing, but telling!

All these guys have talent and lots of it. Look at depth charts. See who is going to get a chance to run around. And if you don’t have the time to scour the news and do the research, I have good news for you. Don’t worry one bit, we here at BMF will do it all for you! That’s what we do. Just remember to always keep in mind the above little story and you are sure to be ahead of the rest. I know I have.

Quote of the Week: “They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds.” – Wilt Chamberlain

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