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Justin Bieber to be a part of the Celebrity Team in NBA 2K13

I never thought I would actually write about Justin Bieber here on Baller Mind Frame, be it praising or disparaging. Honestly, I’ll let the dude roll how he likes because it doesn’t affect my life in the least… except for this post. However, it’s justified because it’s about hoops. Specifically that Justin Bieber will be a part of the Celebrity Team in NBA 2K13. Per the New York Post:

There will also be a special Celebrity Team, featuring Justin Bieber, DJ Pauly D, Bow Wow, Sean Kingston and Vinny Guadagnino amongst others. Bieber even came in for motion capture sessions, although his 6’4″ frame in the game may be just a BIT exaggerated.

I’ll assume that the report of Bieber being 6’4″ in the game is joke, not by the writer, but because Bieber is really 3’11” or something like that. Of course, it’s all make believe, but if we’re going to play the game of exaggeration then the following has to be true of the other celebrities named above:

DJ Paul D has to have hair like Guile from the “Street Fighter” video game, Bow Wow has to look like Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion as Calvin Broadus would like to be known as now, Sean Kingston has to be as big as Honda from the aforementioned “Street Fighter,” and Vinny Guadagnino has to… actually, I don’t know too much about him.

Anyway, congrats to Justin Bieber and the other celebrities for making it into NBA 2K13. I’m sure many hardcore fans will buy two copies of the game just because. Of course I mean Bieber’s hardcore fans.


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