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Runnin’ The Weave: Learn The Streets

I am going to shake up some sleeping beauties. Going to ruffle some feathers. Gonna make some higher-ups on the food chain just a wee bit uncomfortable. I am about to tell you a secret that my bosses and everyone else does not want you to know or hear. Before I get to it, just let it be known that the truth can and will always be found here at Runnin’ The Weave. Now if by some chance next week that there is not a new RTW I guess we can safely say my idea to let you guys in on my little secret was not the smartest decision I have ever made.

There are many sources to ask questions. Many places to see rankings. Tons of sites to get opinions. Too many forums to figure out tough decisions. My answer to all of this chaos and confusion is this. When in doubt, GO WITH YOUR INSTINCT!

When I first moved to a new town my first thought was how I needed to get a GPS for my car. After discussing with my better-half and her family it was brought to my attention that getting a GPS might not be the best idea. It was told to me that it would hinder my ability to learn the streets and where I was going on my own. While I did listen and agree with them I still purchased one, but with the intent for me to use it with limitations. I have indeed limited the usage and only use it when in dire need and if I am lost. Safe to say, I learned the streets, and even the parkways. Heck, I figured out north and south too! Same goes for fantasy basketball.

Sure, it’s nice to get some feedback from experts in the field; I absolutely am not insinuating to completely dismiss hearing others’ thoughts. I am just saying and saying it quite loudly, let it be YOU who makes the final and ultimate decision. It is your team and let it be you who wins at the end of the season.

So make some turns and let them be wrong. Get lost and be okay with it. By all means own a GPS. Actually, use me as that GPS; I am and will be here for you. I just would not be coming clean if I told you not to learn the game and to by all means, learn the streets. Making decisions is the fun part and why you sign up in the first place.

Quote of the Week: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” – Tim Duncan with the famous and truest quote by arguably the best power forward to ever play the game

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