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Mark Cuban sticking it to the Brooklyn Nets, buys

Mark Cuban allegedly bought in order to playfully take a jab at the Brooklyn Nets and continue the ribbing he's been engaged with Mikhail Prokhorov

First of all, I haven’t seen any confirmation on the internet that Mark Cuban did, in fact, do this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cuban did. He’s been engaged in playful ribbing with Brooklyn Nets majority owner, Mikhail Prokhorov for a bit of time and while the Dallas Mavericks owner has the championship ring and personality, Prokhorov at least matches him in the personality department.

In fact, he might surpass Cuban because Prokhorov is still a bit of a mystery – other than having a reputation of being a ladies man, a serious martial artist and gun enthusiast, and going for jaunts on the jetski and jumping out of helicopters to ski from the tops of mountains. Yes, Prokhorov might be the world’s most interesting man and give the Dos Equis guy a run for his money.

All of that aside, if you go to, you’ll see a picture of Mark Cuban sticking out his tongue with the following message:

Looking for the New Jersey Nets?
Looking for the Brooklyn Nets?
They’re not here… but they SHOULD be!
After all, there’s just one team:
The Nets!

There’s even some Russian written on the site, which I’ll assume says the same as the above, but who knows other than Russian-literate people. If you know what it means, please leave it in the comments!

In any case, if Cuban did do this, it could look like an immature act, particularly when you consider that Cuban and his Mavs missed out on signing Deron Williams, a player they’ve reportedly been targeting since dismantling the 2012 NBA title team. However, honestly, I think it just adds an extra layer of how much fun rooting for the Nets will be.

I can’t wait to see Prokhorov’s response once this purchase by Cuban is confirmed.



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