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Dwight Howard says Shaq needs to relax because his time is up

Earlier this week, Shaquille O’Neal took a jab at Dwight Howard and D12’s claim to being the best center in the NBA by saying that Brook Lopez and Andrew Bynum are better than Howard. Bynum, perhaps has a slim shot at the title, but Lopez isn’t close. Most think it’s just sour grapes on Shaq’s part as he’s always put down Howard in some form or another.

Today, Dwight Howard responded to the latest barb from Shaq:

“There’s no sense of him being talking trash. He had his time in the league. Sit back and relax. Your time is up.”

Straight and to the point and an valid statement. Shaq’s time is up and he needs to step aside and let the next generation of superstars shine. I personally don’t care much for Howard considering his own brand of flip-flopping previous to being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, but I agree with his assessment here. When the time comes, most NBA stars know when to step aside, and even groom the next group to help keep the NBA thriving. Prime example of great ambassadorship is Hakeem Olajuwon. And would Howard, an Olajuwon disciple do the same as “The Dream”? Here’s what Howard said:

“When my time is up there’s going to be someone else that can do everything I can do, and probably do it better. Instead of talking about him I’ll try and do all that I can do to help him get to where I’m at.”

It’s fairly obvious by now that Shaq is simply jealous that he can’t play anymore and some young kid took his Superman identity and is seemingly being goofy in the same way that Shaq was. Whatever. Last I knew, DC Comics owned the right to the Superman name. And goofy is rampant in the world of sports… just check the front page of Yardbarker for proof (shameless plug). So, relax, Shaq.

(H/T to Lakers Nation)

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