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Playlist Poetics: Sacramento Kings

shakespeareThe sun sets on the preseason and the regular season is upon us. Poetry and iTunes playlists collide in this look back at the Sacramento Kings’ month of October.


The preseason: Before the Beginning,

New coach, new players, new owners … New Day,

Expected some Changes, but not winning,

Some are Hurt, but Sac Just Might be OK.

Cousins and Thomas Bring da Ruckus, Fire,

Dynamite! offense and Stronger defense,

Don’t Stop! Malone just may be a good hire;

Must be Instant Karma, it all makes sense.

But the preseason, it Doesn’t Matter,

They Play the Game then records are Reset,

Real or not? Some say former, some latter;

Few broadcasts, no Memories to forget.

But I’ll take it (an optimist at heart),

Just two more days and I’m Ready to Start.


For full Kings coverage, check out Baller Mind Frame’s Sacramento Kings blog.

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