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Nike to release LeBron 11 Akron vs. Miami

Just in case you forgot, LeBron Ramone James is from Akron, OH.

Not Cleveland. AKRON.

And he’s making that clear and well-known with his latest shoe, the Nike LeBron 11 Akron vs. Miami, which is to hit the streets on Saturday, December 6.

It’s an interesting shoe, because unless you understand what colors are supposed to signify, it’s a fairly innocuous and ambiguous shoe, though still very attractive.

Apparently, the shoe’s blueish hue is to represent the blue-collar spirit of Akron, known for his factory heyday years and years ago; the pink trim, on the other hand, is a nod to Miami (another ambiguous, but understandable color choice). The palm green outsole seems to silently take the position of setting a Miami atmosphere with the palm trees that are present in the city.

LeBron himself had some words to say, regarding the LeBron 11 Akron vs. Miami (courtesy of Nike):

James sees Akron as the start of everything for him:

“It’s my birthplace — it’s how I learned to play the game of basketball. I’ll always praise Akron.”

You can find this edition of the LeBron 11 at select retailers globally and at tomorrow.

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