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BMF Training: The Reebok ZQuick TR

BMF Training: Being a baller isn’t just about what you do on the court – it’s about how you prepare to ball when you’re away from it. BMF Training is about bringing you the latest in training footwear and apparel that can help you raise your game and also give you insight into what the best players are wearing in preparation for their battles on the NBA stage.

One of the biggest advantages of wearing a training shoe is that a good training shoe will make you feel like you can do anything. Looking good helps the confidence, but usually the feel of a good trainer will keep you looking forward in your training and away from thinking about you can’t do.

That’s the Reebok ZQuick TR in a nutshell.

One of the first (if not the actual first) shoe to feature Reebok’s new Delta logo, the ZQuick TR is a study in lightweight stability, and it starts in the sole.

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Using what Reebok calls its Z-Series foam as a combination midsole/outsole, the ZQuick TR is sheds a ton of weight. Z-Series is engineered in such a way that the foam is incredibly dense (which enables you to wear the shoe without the foam wearing away), but is also very soft (giving you the ability to have a cushioned feel in whatever you do).

In fact, here are the official specs from Reebok, so you can have a better idea of the ZQuick TR’s breakdown:

  • Mesh upper for breathability with internal BioSleeve and external NanoWeb systems for support
  • Low-cut for added mobility with a removable Ortholite sockliner for cushioning that accommodates orthotics
  • Sports car-inspired Z-Series foam is combined with high abrasion rubber for quicker stops and lasting agility
  • Midsole features iconic medial and lateral midsole cradle, with lightweight flexible cushioning for comfort
  • Metasplit Flex Grooves allow foot to splay naturally while vertical and horizontal flex grooves allow for great all-around flexibility
  • Outsole rubber in high-wear areas for lightweight durability

The entirety of the Z-Series sole is siped and laser-cut with grooves to flex as you move and make your wear more natural, and it works – the ZQuick TR feels like you wearing a more supported version of your foot, which is a bit of myopic, but you’ll understand if you ever wear the shoe. Added to it is the high abrasion rubber in the heel and in the MetaSplit Flex Grooves in the forefoot that enhance the shoe’s grip and durability for all movements.

(Quick note: The MetaSplit Flex Grooves in the forefoot of the shoe actually make out the metatarsal bones of the toes and are aligned to further pronounce the flexibility of your movements and enhance your natural motion. The best thing? They really do work  for and with you.) Altogether, the sole is a tremendous work in and of itself. Now, onto the upper.

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The star of the upper is actually a bit less pronounced than the impressively dynamic NanoWeb that spans fully from the forefoot to the midfoot to the rearfoot; as important as the NanoWeb is for containment and tensile support, the actual performer is the heel. Yes, the heel of the ZQuick TR is contoured in such a way in the collar and around the back of the heel that upon securing the shoe, you are in the saddle securely. And when your heel is secured surely, it means that your foot is stable and ready to make all the movements that it meant to make.

Another good thing? The BioSleeve, which is a secured bootie that is actually the undercurrent mesh of the upper, makes comfort even better. It makes for less seams and the ability to attain a closer 1:1 fit in the trainer.

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The ZQuick TR is formed with a neutral fit in mind, making feet of all types acceptable for the shoe, but it can be adapted for those who have orthotic needs. And this can’t be understated – the toebox of the ZQuick TR is ergonomic and wide, which allows your foot and toes to spread as they would if you were barefoot, only adding more to your comfort and aiding your feet to act in the way they’re supposed to.

All in all, the ZQuick TR is the shoe you’ll want to go to if multi-faceted strength training and cardio are your methods for getting and staying in shape, especially for hardwood play. The shoes are adaptable, comfortable, and made to allow you to do virtually anything you need in the gym and even in some places outside of the gym. If you value low-cut shoes that are strong, dependable, and lightweight, think strongly about the ZQuick TR. They’ll help to take you places in your preparation.

The ZQuick TR is available at

Photography: Sandy Dover Creative for BMF


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