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BMF Style: Nike Air Force 1 AC Premium

BMF Style: Because balling is more than the roundball – it’s the lifestyle that surrounds the ball. BMF Style brings you the best styles in sportswear and fashion apparel for when you’re away from the court, whether you’re checking for new gear or checking for your favorite NBA players’ pieces outside of the locker room.

Courtesy of Nike — featuring the Nike Air Force 1 AC Premium >>

Since 1982, the Air Force 1 has been a go-to for the fashion forward as well as those simply looking for a comfortable, easy-to-wear sneaker. It’s been reimagined and reinvented, dressed up and dressed down. With roots in roundball, the AF1 has evolved considerably to become a staple of street style. And now, it receives a seasonal makeover to be leaner, lower, and lighter, just in time for the warm weather.

The Air Force 1 AC foregoes the latest technology, a la the Lunar Force 1, in favor of a low-profile look with timeless appeal. The traditional AF1 sole has been replaced with an autoclave bottom for a touch of lifestyle inspiration. Additionally, the silhouette rids itself of bulk with a slimmed down, canvas upper, ideal for keeping cool through the dog days of summer.

The BALLER MIND FRAME Kicks & Sportswear Take:

The Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most iconic shoes ever to be designed and produced — however, it’s bulky and clunky in its original form — which is why the Nike Air Force 1 AC Premium is its best version of the shoe yet. It’s slimmer, leaner, and maintains all of the classic lines without compromising the very design cues that make it a classic.

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