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Spurs had six players on court for final play of Game 6

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The Dallas Mavericks held on at home to defeat the Spurs 113-111 and force yet another NBA playoffs Game Seven tonight, and they had to overcome some tough odds to do it. Specifically, 5:6 odds.

That’s because San Antonio, down two with 1.3 seconds remaining, put six players out on the court. (Watch the video above if you don’t believe us.) The play failed, though as Monta Ellis knocked the ball out of bounds, the Spurs ended up getting another shot at tying or winning the game. That attempt was made with the regulation number of players on the court. Deadspin

This is a simple mistake to make, but one that could have had dire consequences. It could be easy to miss an extra player when you are trying to watch ten players who are spread out over the entire court. On the other hand, the first thing a professional referee should probably do is count the number of players on the field. 

Some people will call this a conspiracy by the NBA although it wouldn’t explain why Spurs’ fans say the referees hate them. Mavericks’ fans say the same thing. Actually, fans of every team say that. Shrug, must be a sports thing. – AL

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