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Kevin Durant accepts 2014 NBA MVP award

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The Oklahoma City Thunder have tentatively scheduled a press conference Tuesday, and ESPN reports that that’s because Kevin Durant will be receiving the 2014 NBA MVP award.

This should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone. Durant has been the odds-on favorite since the early season and pulled away at several points. He averaged 32 points on 50 percent shooting, along with 7.4 rebounds, 5.5 assist and 1.3 steals. He finished with a 29.8 PER. CBS Sports

I recommend that every fan of basketball watch Durant’s entire acceptance speech. It’s hard to encapsulate so many heartfelt moments in under 50 minutes, but not a dry eye was in the house by the time he finished accepting the award.

So much of team sports is about the intangibles such as trust, humility, and passion. Teams that lack those traits never get far. All that’s left for OKC is to implement the right Xs and Os. Every other requirement was on full display for the world to witness. – AL

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