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Orlando Magic Magical NBA Draft Day Sidenotes

Oh man! I am so excited for tonight’s 2014 NBA Draft. I haven’t been this excited since Hollywood started making comic book movies. I have so many predictions. I’m going to write an article for you. First I’ll tell you my preferred scenarios…

This is what I hope the Magic do:

Screen grab courtesy of Orlando Magic Daily.

Screen grab courtesy of Orlando Magic Daily.

Keep our picks and draft either Marcus Smart or Dante Exum (I trust Robby Henny to make the right choice; I like both players). The thought of Smart and Oladipo, both super strong and super athletic, in our backcourt is great. Exum is more of a gamble unknown. Orlando would be good with either. Then, hopefully, after that, they take the best available Forward/Center with the 12th pick.

Also, there is the chance that someone in front of the Magic does something crazy. If that is the case we need to take whoever is left between the best buys (Parker, Wiggins) and draft the best PG at #12, probably Ennis or Payton.

Here is my favorite scenario

I love Noah Vonleh, everyone should watch his workout videos and look at his combine measurements. The guy is a beast and he can shoot the crap out of that ball. I think at the PF he would compliment Vuc and Dipo very well. He will undoubtedly go anywhere between 4 – 8. So here is what I would love. Take Vonleh at #4 then package Afflalo and #12 to move up and take Marcus Smart.

Think about this line-up: Smart, Dipo, Harris, Vonleh, Vuc. This is a very balanced, very athletic starting lineup. Jameer, Harkless, and O’Quinn coming off the bench, and we still have a ton of money to spend in free agency to get a couple more pieces. I really like that team. Danger.

Of course we could package #4 and #12 to move up to the top 3, or 2 or 1, but I don’t like that. Too much talent overall in this draft, no need to waste the 12th pick to move up a couple of spots. I love the idea of trading Afflalo and #12 to move up between 5-9. I like Afflalo, but he’s just in the way of Oladipo right now, especially after we draft a true PG.

Here’s another last-minute great scenario: The Bulls want desperately to move up a few spots and they have the 16th and 19th picks. Charlotte and Chicago want Afflalo. Charlotte has the 9th pick. So here is what we do! Keep #4, trade #12 to the Bulls for 16 and 19, trade Afflalo + Cash or young asset (Nicholson) to Charlotte for #9. Then the Magic dance away with 4, 9, 16, and 19. Vonleh, Smart, and we can play around with the 16th and 19th picks; try to find a hidden gem.

I’m no one but a basketball writer, but I am also okay with taking Exum or Smart at 4 then trading Afflalo and #12 to Charlotte to move up to #9, there we take the best of the PF’s, either Vonleh, Randle, or Gordon.

So many options! Two hours away, I can’t wait! As you can tell, I’ve done my research…

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