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The 5 most memorable suits of the 2014 NBA Draft

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As none of you already know, my fiancé works in theatrical drapery and costume design which makes me an expert in men’s fashion by proxy. I just found out a few years ago, don’t worry about it. My qualifications make me the perfect candidate to judge the best suits for this year’s NBA draftees. Let’s get right into my expert analysis.

Andrew Wiggins, University of Kansas (drafted No.1 by Cleveland Cavaliers)

Where to begin … It’s the NBA Draft, why no socks? Why is his crew fresher than he is? Why in the hotel room with a bed that’s not made up? I’m not going to say it looks bad. It doesn’t. But there’s something weird about  the jacket choice. The floral pattern reminds me of my grandmother’s plastic wrapped couch.  A bold choice of this caliber deserves a spot on the list even if sock gnomes picked it out (yes, I’m aware of what they really took on South Park).

Adreian Payne, Michigan State University (drafted no.15 by the Atlanta Hawks)

Isn’t it great when your outfits happens to coordinate with the color of the team that drafts you? I have to remember to try that when I’m drafted in my dreams. The crazy looking bow tie would normally be an awkward fit, but works because the jacket, pants, and pocket square match the retro look he was going for. Payne’s suit pays tribute to Lacey Holsworth, a young Spartan fan who recently lost her battle to neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. The jacket’s embroidery reads “Adorable Lacey.” The suit is a success just based on its looks but the heartwarming story is a unique touch to the normal vanity of the Draft day experience.

Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State University (drafted No.6 by the Boston Celtics)

Smart rocked a simple, blue navy blazer with black slacks and some bling on his wrist. I’m all about simple and suave so this ended up being my favorite look of the night. Extra brownie points for repping OSU, his home state of Texas, and a lost friend in the lining of his jacket.

Elfrid Payton, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (drafted No. 10 by Philadelphia 76ers; traded to Orlando Magic)

Did Payton get a tailor before buying the suit? The jacket barely fits when buttoned with only one button, the pants are so tight that you can see the wallet in his left pocket, and the sleeves are too long. In the future, he should leave the watch in the store, and acquire the services of someone who can help him buy cloths that fit.

Stauskas has the kind of suit that makes you have a subconscious desire to play tick-tack-toe. The tie and pocket square are just… there… for no reason at all. Overall, an incredibly drab and boring getup that’s memorable only because it stands out in a crowd. At least it fits better than Payton’s suit.

Agree or disagree with my expert opinion? Did I leave off some better options? Please let Baller Mind Frame know in the comments. Agree or disagree with my expert opinion? Did I leave off some better options?

Thanks for reading.

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