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NFL + Microsoft: What’s in Store for the 2014 Season

Baller Mind Frame had the distinct privilege to check out what the NFL and Microsoft have in store for this upcoming 2014 NFL season. It’s definitely worth a read to check out all the facts. However, also watch and listen to Ryan Luckin (Microsoft) and David Jurenka (Xbox Sports) talk about the various Microsoft product lines and how their relationship within the NFL game fits, not only with their partnership, but for every NFL fans’ needs as well.

Yes, Baller Mind Frame covers the NBA, but when something this good is going on in another sport, we have to open our eyes, perk up our ears, and give it its proper daps. The NFL and Microsoft have something strong happening!

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Video production and editing by Chauncey Velasco. Follow him on Twitter, @_Civilian; hit him up at ChaunceyVelascoNYC at gmail DOT com if you need some dope video content produced or edited!

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