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Cast of ‘The Lion King’ Sings ‘Circle of Life’ on the Subway

It’s showtime, let’s start the show! It’s showtime New York! …

If you’ve lived in New York City even for five minutes, then you are probably no stranger to the various types of musical performances available to you, FOR FREE, on our majestic subway system. Crazy pole-hopping acrobats, break dancers, mariachi guitarists, Motown-inspired quartets…the Lion King?

On Saturday, June 28, the cast of The Lion King prowled around the New York City subway system until they could all jump on an A train and startle some fellow straphangers with an impromptu performance of “The Circle of Life.”

Sadly, at over $100 per ticket, this may be the only way some of us will ever get to see The Lion King on Broadway. Well, UNDER Broadway…

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