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The Hustle And Overflow Podcast: Lion King Remake, JFK Files, Reality TV and NFL Injuries

HaO Lion

In a brand new episode of the Hustle and Overflow Podcast, co-hosts Sonny Giuliano and Weston Hunter attempt to “Hustle” through a number of topics in 1 Hour, including:

-What sort of ceiling does the 2019 remake of The Lion King have, and are Hollywood remakes a good thing?

-Are we now numb to all different kinds of serious injuries in professional football, like Zach Miller’s and Joe Flacco’s?

-Have all different forms of Reality Television peaked, or could a show reach the heights of Survivor or Jersey Shore again?

-Is there greater meaning to a dream that Sonny had about being a cast member on The Mole? 

-Were the JFK Files a letdown? Is there still reason for Conspiracy Theorists to believe there is more that we don’t know?

-Should Jason Bateman get his own Superhero movie?

-How angry should Sonny and Weston be about not winning the FGCU Halloween Costume contest in 2013?

Berzerk Comparison

All of this and much more on The Hustle And Overflow Podcast!


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