Gotham Season 4 Review: 4.7: A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows

This week’s Gotham season 4 was enjoyable but felt unnecessary. Instead of telling a self-contained story, it simply furthered the Professor Pyg plotline. It felt too similar to last week’s episode to really pop.

The best part of the episode was Bruce Wayne’s subplot. He fell in witha group of other wealthy Gotham kids. I expected an angsty, brooding Bruce plot after he killed Ra’s al Ghul. It was a fun choice that instead he just became Chuck Bass. Moments like Bruce Wayne putting on sunglasses inside while new wave music plays are what make Gotham so great.

Oswald Cobblepot and Sofia Falcons had a couple nice moments. I enjoyed him eagerly pointing at the TV to make sure she was watching when his men were on screen. I jus wish the episode had furthered their plot in a more tangible way. The lack of a big turning point contributed to how much this episode felt like filler.

This episode also included guest character Headhunter. Kyle Vincent Terry gave an energetic performance that made his scenes pop. The fact that he was only there because Victor Zsasz was visiting his grandmother is the kind of detail I always enjoy.

Tabitha Galavan and Selina Kyle’s friendship was very nice in this episode. They genuinely care about each other. Barbara Kean’s cold, clearly selfish attitude played well of Tabitha and Selina’s sincere bond. I’m excited to see more of this trio.

Overall, this episode lacked the spectacle and whimsy I’ve come to expect from Gotham. I’m never as big a fan of the episodes that really feel like a cop show. I wish they’d at least checked in on the sillier characters, like Solomon Grundy, to give a sense of balance.

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1 Comment

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